Male Full Body Analysis 17

Masturbation Changed Male Full Body Example Video 02

A web page duplicate of the video is provided next for those who prefer to read, and for more leisurely study.


This video presents an example of the changes caused to the human body by masturbation. Here is the example picture.


This person is involved in the pornography industry. That statement is relevant because it reinforces the claim that the changes to his body are due to masturbation

This man appears strong and healthy. He has large muscles and looks like he is in good physical shape. In spite of the  healthy looking state of his body, this man’s body does show the signs of excessive masturbation.

The man is grabbing his penis with his left hand.


This observation is pertinent because it means his body in the picture right now is
under the influence of the effects of masturbation.

The first masturbation symptom is the man’s right hand. There is no reason for his hand to be clutched in a fist.


The man’s right hand is clutched into a fist because masturbation has damaged the part of his arm that opens the hand.

The next masturbation symptom is found at the man’s shoulders.  A level red line is drawn through the right shoulder. The red arrow points out how the line is below the left shoulder.


The right and left shoulders are not level.

The man’s right shoulder is smaller than the left shoulder.


The left shoulder looks full and well formed while  The right shoulder looks smaller and tighter.

The man’s chest is uneven.


The left side of his chest looks full and rounded, while the right
side of the chest looks smaller and flatter.

The man’s arms are unbalanced.


The left bicep looks full and rounded, while the right bicep
looks smaller and flatter.

The man’s entire upper body looks like it slants from a high on the left to low on the right.


What is the common factor in all of these observations?  The left side of the body is bigger and healthier than the right side of the body.

The left shoulder is level,


the left chest is full and healthy,


and the left bicep is large and rounded


Why is the right side of the body smaller than the left side of the body? Because that is the effect of masturbation or sex on the human body.

Most people think the penis gets hard because blood fills it up. That is true as far as it goes.

What also happens during masturbation is that part of the body will clench like the hand that is clenching the penis to masturbate. Excessive masturbation

trains the body to always stay in a clenched and tight position like the right side of this man’s body.