Male Full Body Analysis 25

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


The example picture shows exactly how right hand masturbation changes the human body. Right hand masturbation will shrink the entire right side of the body. That shrinkage has pulled the man’s right arm upwards.


It would be natural to believe the right arm has moved upwards in order to hold onto the camera, which the right hand is doing. The observation that refutes that initial conclusion is the look of the man’s right hand. The fingers of his right hand are splayed outwards,


and the palm is open flat.


In contrast the fingers of the left hand are curled,


and the left palm has a curled look to it.


The fingers of the right hand are splayed outwards and the right palm is flat open because the Right Hand Masturbation caused contraction of the right side of the body is pulling them open.

In most cases the leg on the same side of the body as the hand used for masturbation will lift upwards like the right arm has lifted upwards. The next picture shows two of these usual examples where Right Hand Masturbation has pulled the right leg upwards.


The right leg of the current example man those is straight and planted on the ground though.


The reason the right leg of the current example individual has not lifted upwards is because he is standing on it. If he was standing on his left leg, his right leg would raise upwards like the right leg of the other two men.

Corroboration for that claim is provided by the appearance of the legs themselves. The right leg, which has been affected by the tightening forces generated by Right Hand Masturbation, is visibly smaller,


than the left leg,


which it should be if the right leg actually has been shrunken by Right Hand Masturbation.

The difference in leg size is especially noticeable along a band in the right groin and hip area,


and below the right knee.


It is not a coincidence both areas have a similar shape. If you look at the picture for awhile, you might notice that the two shapes are part of a larger spiral shape on the leg. That spiral is shown in the next picture.


In the following comparison picture, the loops of the spiral corresponding to the groin and knee areas are highlighted on the spiral on the right.


Then a picture showing how the specific filled in loops of the large spiral look similar to the isolated groin and knee areas.


Those areas look like part of a spiral because they are. According to Happeh Theory, the human body can be described in terms of a collection of spirals. Masturbation shrinks certain spirals within the human body in certain ways depending on how masturbation is performed.

That is why masturbation changed human bodies can be diagnosed by simple visual inspection. Anyone who knows which spirals of the human body will be shrunken by masturbation, can look along the paths of those spirals for the tell tale signs of shrinking and tightening that always result from the act of masturbation.