Male Full Body Analysis 26

This is the example picture for this blog entry.


The example picture shows exactly how right hand masturbation changes the human body. Right hand masturbation will shrink the entire right side of the body. That shrinkage has pulled the man’s right leg upwards,


and the right arm upwards.


The lifted right leg and right arm of this example individual look similar to previous examples of Right Hand Masturbation changed bodies as can be seen in this comparison picture.


The current example offers some additional observations that corroborate the claim that Right Hand Masturbation shrinks the entire right side of the body. Not only is the right leg lifted up, the forces of masturbation are contracting the right leg so strongly that even the right heel has come up off of the ground as it moves upwards.


The forces acting on the right hand are so strong that the palm has been pulled open,


and the right index and middle finger are extended outwards.


The shrinkage of the right arm is so advanced that it has caused the pinky and ring finger to curl into the palm.


The reason the pinky and ring finger curl under instead of extending out like the index and middle fingers, is that the human hand naturally spits between the middle and index finger. The index and pinky fingers are the more Yin of the fingers while the index and middle fingers are the more Yang of the fingers.

Masturbation shrinks the Yin part of the body. So the more Yin fingers, the pinky and ring finger, are pulled back towards the body more than the Yang index and middle fingers.

That explanation may be confusing. Or it may even be rejected if the reader does not accept the validity of or understand Yin Yang Theory and how it applies to the human body. If you can see it, the reason the right hand looks exactly the way it does is because it it is contracting along the line shown in this picture.


The shrinkage of the right side of the body extends all the way up to the head. The head is tilted down to the right because the right side of the head has been shrunken by masturbation and can no longer hold the head straight up and down.


The shrinkage of the head follows a particular pattern in cases of Right Hand Masturbation, and a different pattern in cases of Left Hand Masturbation. Since right hand masturbation shrinks the right side of the head, it should be no surprise that the left ear looks clearly visible and normal,


while the right ear can barely be seen.


The right ear disappears because Right Hand Masturbation literally sucks the right ear into the right ear hole. In cases of Left Hand Masturbation the right ear would like normal, while the left ear would look smaller, as if it was being sucked into the left ear hole.