Male Full Body Analysis 27

This is the example picture for this blog entry.


The example individual displays all of the classic Right Hand Masturbation caused body change signs.

( It is possible the changes in this example body could be caused by Injection Of Drugs. Because Masturbation is more prevalent than Injection of Drugs, Masturbation has been chosen as the main activity that produced the body changes exhibited in the example picture. The only way to determine the cause for certain would be to examine the body unclothed and to see it in other postures. )

The man’s shoulders are slanted down to the right,


which makes him look like he has one short arm,


and one long arm.


His torso and head both rotate to the right.


To a person who can see energy, it looks like the man is holding his penis as shown in the next picture.


That may seem like an odd place for him to be holding his penis, since it is by his right wrist instead of his right hand. The reason for that is that the man’s right arm behaves like it is shorter, in addition to looking shorter.

The Yin part of the mans’ right arm has been changed in the indicated areas,


which makes his body behave like it is forming itself around a circle located and sized approximately as shown in this picture.