Male Full Body Analysis 29

Male Full Body Analysis

This Male Full Body Analysis was written at the request of the owner of said body. A conversation took place on the internet where the individual stated he did not believe his body was changed by masturbation. He provided a picture of himself for analysis as a challenge, and asked for it to be analyzed. The post below is the answer to that request. The material can be less than clear because of it’s nature as a response to an internet conversation.


(The man who provided the picture for analysis started off by saying….)

Sorry buddy, but I, JUST LIKE ALL THE PHOTOS ON YOUR WEBSITES, was posing. Yes it’s quite simple to lean to the left or right for a photo.

( The man then provided the picture of himself shown below purposefully posed in what he thought was a random way, to prove his point about a body looking the way it does only because of the mental choice of the individual. )


( Happeh then said…..)

When you lean over to the right, what is it that determines the exact angle that you lean? Why does your body or head stop leaning at the exact angle that it does? The angle highlighted by the red line in the following picture?


If you say you mentally chose to stop leaning there, I would disagree with you. The human body will naturally move to spots that it feels comfortable in. It is my claim that the comfortable position that your body stops leaning is the position that your body takes when you masturbate. We cannot verify that of course. Only you can.

You need to go masturbate in front of a mirror and determine if you lean in the same way you are leaning in the picture above. Is the amount of body lean while masturbating the exact same angle as in the picture above? Or very close to it? If you do lean at exactly the same angle while masturbating that you are leaning in the picture above, why? You claim the pose in the picture is just a random pose.

The body of any individual who masturbates will always tend to assume a certain posture, because masturbation can be  visualized as producing a groove in the body. Is this example picture of you leaning over to the right, your body will naturally desire to stop where the groove that masturbation has put in your body is, like a marble dropping into a groove in the sidewalk.

Leaning the exact way that you have has produced various changes in the appearance of your body. Those changes include a drooping of the right side of your mouth and the outside of the right eye.


A common question about this type of body change is, “what determines the exact amount of droop of the eye and the mouth?”.Your position that the changes of your body are temporary changes that are nothing more than a result of the posture your body is currently in implies you would believe the amount of droop is determined by the amount your body leans. A lot of body lean would produce a lot of eye and mouth droop, while less body lean would produce less eye and mouth droop.

It is my position that the drooping of the eye and mouth are partly influenced by masturbation caused shrinkage of those areas. Which means the amount of droop is a combination of masturbation caused shrinkage and the amount of body lean.

The line in the next picture approximately follows the boundary between the more masturbation shrunken right side of your body and the less affected left side of the body.


Masturbation tends to pull everything above the penis down towards the penis. The leaning down of your body to the right implies that you masturbate with your right hand.

Did you notice your left ear is missing in the picture?


Of course the ear still exists. Your head is tilted in a way that hides the left ear. And why is your head tilted? Because right handed masturbation is pulling it down to the right.

 The lines in the picture below surround the path of the force pulling the left ear canal down towards the right masturbating hand.


(Danni then issued the following challenge….)

If you want a non-posing picture of myself, fine. Here, have at it.


I want you to start right here, right now. I’m more than willing to see your evidence, and I’m even more willing to scrutinize and investigate it.

(Happeh responds by saying…..)

The front of your head is shrunken on the left side of the boundary in this picture.


The change to the size of the left side of your head has affected the shape of the face and cheeks. There is a boundary between the front part of the cheek and the side of the cheek. On the right side of your face, the cheek boundary is in line with the outside of your eye. On the left side of your face, the shrunken side, the boundary has moved inwards so that it cuts through your eye.


The left cheek boundary seems to match the boundary on the forehead in the previous picture where the forehead was claimed to be shrinking.

The shrinkage of the left side of the head has changed your jawline as shown below. The right side of the jaw looks like straight lines. The left side kind of curves and jiggles. It is not straight.


The chin is also not symmetric. The point of the right side of the chin is at one location in relation to the rest of the head, while the point on the left side of the chin is more to the outside of the body and upwards. The left point of the chin is not symmetric with the point on the right side of the chin.