Masturbation Will Make You Look Like A Fish With A Hook In It’s Mouth – 09

The picture above shows a man whose head is tilted to his right.


According to Happeh Theory the man is not tilting his head because he mentally desires to. The man is tilting his head because masturbation has changed his body in such a way that tilting his head is more natural for him than holding his head level.

The tilting of the head makes the example individual look like a fish that has been caught by a fishhook. Readers who are not familiar with what a fish with a fishhook in it’s mouth looks like, should examine the following picture which highlights the location of the hook stuck in the fishes mouth, and how that point on the head is pulled towards the fisherman.


The next picture is a computer manipulated image of a human head reacting to a fishhook in it’s mouth.


The fishhook in the human being’s mouth pulls it’s head towards the hook.


in the same way the hook in the fish’s mouth pulls the fish’s head towards the hook.


The next picture demonstrates how the example man’s head looks like it is being pulled on by a fishhook, even though there is no fishhook pulling on his mouth.


The example man’s head looks like it is also being tilted by the pulling of a fishhook in his mouth in the same way the head of the man with a fishhook in his mouth is tilted.


The angle of tilting of the head is the main factor influencing the classification of the example man as a moderately severe case of Masturbation Caused Fish Hooking.

The next picture superimposes a fishhook at the approximate location in the man’s mouth that would be required to make the man’s head tilt to the angle that it has.


Next, a comparison picture of the example man with a fishhook in his mouth to the paint program created picture of the man with a fishhook in his mouth will be shown.