Nov 222013

Human beings will assume a particular posture when they masturbate. One of the changes masturbation makes to the body is to give it the tendency to assume that masturbation posture when the individual is tired, frightened, startled, cold, sickly, day dreaming, relaxed, and when they are feeling sexually stimulated.

This example picture shows a man who has assumed his masturbation posture in public while he is daydreaming or feeling relaxed.


The man’s right hand is holding a microphone by his crotch,


in the same way he holds his penis for masturbation.

A penis shape is drawn on the next picture to help the reader see how the angle of the hand and it’s exact location give the impression the man is holding his penis like he does to masturbate.


It is not a coincidence that the man’s left hand looks like it is laying over or on the head of the drawn in penis.


The details of why the left hand appears to be laying on the head of the drawn in penis are too complicated to include in this introduction article.

The severity of the bodily changes caused by masturbation determines if the individual assumes their exact masturbation posture in public, or if only part of their body assumes it’s masturbation posture.

Individuals with mild masturbation caused bodily changes might only hold their arm, wrist, or hand in the way they use it to masturbate. The bodies of individuals who masturbate frequently or have masturbated for a long time will tend to completely assume the posture it holds during masturbation.

Why does fright, being startled, being cold, being sickly, daydreaming, being relaxed, or being sexually stimulated, make the body assume the posture it holds during masturbation?

Masturbation tightens and shrinks the body in a particular way that is dependent on which hand is used for masturbation and how the hand is used for masturbation, among other factors.

Cold, sickness, and sexual stimulation can all cause an individual to assume their masturbation posture, because cold, sickness, and sexual stimulation all tighten and contract the body. 

Daydreaming, being relaxed, or being tired will make an individual’s body assume it’s masturbation posture because they stop controlling the relaxed and supple parts of their body. Because no mental desire is directing the relaxed and supple parts of their body to behave in a particular way, the relaxed and supple parts of the body follow the strongest signals they are receiving, which are the signals from the masturbation caused tight and contracted part of the body.

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