People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 05

This example picture shows a man sitting in a chair.


The example man is in some kind of legal trouble. The expression on his face indicates he is probably frightened or concerned about what is going to happen. The man’s mental and emotional state are relevant because a human being who is frightened or concerned will frequently assume their masturbation posture. There are two main reasons for that reaction.

(1) – Some percentage of the feelings of pleasure generated by actual masturbation will be generated just by holding the body in the masturbation posture.

Trying to offset fear or concern with the pleasurable feelings associated with masturbation is a logical and understandable thing to do.

(2) – A body in the masturbation pose can provide a feeling of safety or reassurance.

Most individuals have some private spot they associate with masturbation. A comfortable and safe spot where no one will walk in and interrupt them. Holding the body in the same posture the individual uses for masturbation in that safe spot, can generate the same safe and secure mental feelings they experience when they are actually masturbating in that safe place.

The following list of observations of the man’s body are the clues that tell the experienced individual the posture the example man is holding is the one his body moves into and holds when he masturbates. Those clues also tell the experienced observer the example man masturbates with his right hand.

The man’s head is rotated to his left.


The man’s head rotates to his left because right handed masturbation has weakened the right side of his head. There is not enough strength in the right side of the head to stop the left side of the head from pulling the entire head to the left.

The area of the body within the outline on the next picture approximately encloses the masturbation shrunken part of the right side of the head. That shrinkage is not just on the surface of the front and side of the head. The shrinkage affects the head from front to back because it is actually the core of the head that is shrinking.


Clues to the overall shrinkage of the right side of the head include the right side of the face being thinner or smaller than the left side of the face in the area highlighted in the next picture.


The outside of the right eye looks flatter than the outside of the left eye.


The man’s right arm looks longer than his left arm.


It does not matter the mismatch in arm length is an illusion resulting from the left arm bending outwards enough so the left hand can rest on the outside of the desk.


The most obvious clue that the posture in the picture is the man’s masturbation posture is the placement of his right hand on his groin.


The right hand and the fingers are slightly curled as if they are curled around a cylindrical object like the penis.


The next picture shows what people who can see energy see when they look at the example man.


The posture of the man’s body is so obviously focused on the red penis object in the picture above that to the experienced individual, the example man may as well be naked with his real penis in his hand.

In real life unconscious masturbators can be highly embarrassing to be around. Imagine the reactions of a group of people with the ability to read body language if they were joined by an unconscious masturbator. To the members of the group it would be as if the unconscious masturbator had pulled an erection out of his pants and was standing there holding it while he interacted with the group.

Learning to see the focus of the energy or forces of the human body is a trivial act. Anyone who puts their mind to it can learn to analyze pictures like the example picture for this blog entry, and reach the correct conclusions.

This skill does not apply only to spotting unconscious masturbation body postures. It applies to seeing the energy configuration of any human body involved in any type of act imaginable.