People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 08

This example picture shows a man sitting on a couch.


According to Happeh Theory, the posture the man has unconsciously adopted is his masturbation posture. There are a variety of observations about his body that support that conclusion.

According to Happeh Theory, there are a few changes that will always be found in the body of an individual who masturbates. One of those changes are a pair of uneven shoulders. The example man’s right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder.


The uneven shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the left to low on the right.


The left arm looks longer than the right arm.


It does not matter that the arms are different lengths because the right arm is bent.


The only thing that matters is that they appear to be different lengths.

Head Tilting is one of the body changes frequently caused by masturbation. The example man’s head slants to his left.


The head tilts because of internal changes caused by masturbation. Those same internal changes stretche the right eye so it looks like it has a larger diameter. This common masturbation caused body change is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature.


Although it is difficult to see details, the left eye appears to be smaller than normal.


It is almost as if to make the right eye larger, the left eye had to shrink. This is common sense in terms of balance. If both eyes are treated as if they are connected, for one eye to get bigger the other eye would have to get smaller. 


The most obvious clue the man’s current posture is his masturbation posture is his right hand. His right hand is located and oriented as if he is masturbating a penis located approximately as shown in the next picture.


The man’s entire body gives the impression it is being pulled down to the right from a point between the head and the left shoulder as indicated by the arrow.


The man’s body appears to be pulled downwards along that exact path because masturbation has changed the interior of the body in that area. How eactly does that occur?

The explanation begins by superimposing the penis object on the picture with the arrow indicating the downward pulling on the left shoulder.


The penis is then redrawn much larger so it reaches up to the left shoulder.


A hand is then drawn on the oversized penis in a masturbation like position.


The interior of the man’s body has reacted to right hand masturbation as if his right hand was masturbating the inside of his body along the shaft of the drawn in penis.

The right side of the torso has been reduced in size in the area enclosed by the outline in the following picture.


The remaining part of the torso looks like the shaft of a penis with the shoulder acting as the head of the penis.


The influence of that penis like area within the torso actually extends up above the shoulder and is involved in the tilting of the head.


The changes to the example man’s body can be visualized as the result of the hand pulling downwards on the large penis in the picture. Every time the man performs the downwards stroke during masturbation, his body reacts as if his hand has grabbed his shoulder and pulled his body down towards his groin.


All of those body changes can described the result of a different way. Instead of the shoulder and the rest of the body being pulled towards the groin by an imaginary large hand on the downward masturbation stroke, the changes can be treated as if they were caused by upward masturbation stroke pulling the rest of the body up towards the left shoulder.


The left shoulder looks like it has become very tight and contracted. That contraction attempts to pull the right side of the body towards it. Because the right side of the body cannot move through the center of the body to reach the left side of the body,


the right side of the body instead spreads radially,


because there is no resistance to movement in that direction.

It is not a coincidence that the area the arrows appear to emanate from looks circular.


That is not because the arrows were purposefully drawn to appear to emanate from a circle. The arrows were drawn to follow the changes to the example man’s body. The fact they happen to look as if they are emanating from a circle is because that is how the body looks.