People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 09

The example picture shows a man sitting down examining the top of a stringed instrument.


According to Happeh Theory, the man is unconsciously sitting in a masturbation posture. There are a few observations about the man’s body that justify that claim.

According to Happeh Theory, there are a few main changes that masturbation almost always cause in the body of the individual. One of those main changes is a pair of uneven shoulders. The man’s right shoulder looks higher than his left shoulder.


The uneven shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the right to low on the left.


Although the man’s right shoulder is higher, which makes the shoulders look slanted down to the left, his body is actually slouching down to his right.


The right side of the body can go down while the right shoulder goes up simultaneously because the body is behaving in a way that can be visualized as a mouth opening wide. The hinge of the mouth is on the left side of the body with the downwards moving right side of the body being the lower part of the mouth,


and the upward moving right shoulder being the upper part of the mouth.


Another one of the common body changes caused by masturbation is to make the arms appear to be different lengths. The man’s right arm appears to be slightly longer than his left arm.


The hand of an individual who masturbates will exhibit a tendency to locate itself by the crotch. The example man’s right hand is located by his crotch,


which indicates he masturbates with his right hand.

The right hand is is curled,


as if it was gripping a penis.


Masturbation will tend to put the individual into a hypnotic state that makes them unaware or uncaring of their surroundings. The example man has a distant, faraway kind of look in his face even though he is not actually masturbating.

Even though he is only mimicing masturbation, his body still reacts as if he was actually masturbating by producing that faraway look on his face. Most likely the person who took the picture could see what is shown in the photograph above, and took the picture because they thought it was funny. A man completely oblivious to the fact he is sitting there exactly like he is masturbating without a care in the world.