The Effects of Masturbation On The Human Body Case Study 01 – Analysis and Commentary On Raw Descriptive Data – Part 07

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled as well as causing many other physical, mental, and health changes to the body. The purpose of the Case Study that this blog entry is a part of, is to provide an example of a human body that has been changed by masturbation, point out the changes that masturbation has made in the example human body, and provide theories to explain why masturbation has caused the specific changes that are observed in the example human body. An individual named Mr Smith provided for this case study both a written description of his masturbation history, and pictures of his masturbation changed body. Many thanks to Mr Smith for his generosity. His actions will change the lives of hundreds of people who will learn from his experiences.

On hearing the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation changes the human body, and after being presented with photographic evidence that is said to support that claim, many people will reply that the picture proves nothing because there is no way to verify that the people in the picture masturbate.

This Case Study is a specific response to that critique. There can be no doubt that the example human body for this case study has been changed by masturbation. The owner of the example body stated in his own words that he has masturbated over a long period of time. A period of time long enough for the changes that Happeh Theory claims masturbation will make in a human body to take place.

This particular blog entry is the first in a series that will analyze and comment on the raw written data and the raw visual data provided by Mr Smith. The pictures of Mr Smith”s masturbation changed body will be commented on in a way that ties those changes to the claims by Happeh Theory that masturbation changes the human body in a specific way.

Because this Case Study needs to be able to withstand scientific analysis by individuals who may be hostile to the claims of Happeh Theory, the Analysis and Commentary section will be very large and very detailed. Every possible method that can explain how masturbation has affected Mr Smith”s body will be included, as will every other relevant piece of information.The first image of the collection provided by Mr Smith will be an image that shows Mr Smith exaggerating his posture to highlight how he believes masturbation has changed his body.

Mr Smith spent some time studying Happeh Theory before he contacted the creator of Happeh Theory to provide this material. Mr Smith felt he had a good understanding of the claims of Happeh Theory, and wanted to prove that understanding by demonstrating how he felt masturbation had changed his body.

The exaggerated pose that Mr Smith believes reveals how long term masturbation has changed his body is shown next.


The exaggerated pose of Mr Smith”s body does reveal a large number of the changes that Happeh Theory claims masturbation will make to the human body. One of the most common changes masturbation will cause to the human body is to make one shoulder look higher than the other shoulder. Mr Smith”s right shoulder looks higher than his left shoulder.


The high and low shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look.


According to Happeh Theory, the shoulders slant because in order to masturbate, the masturbating hand has to reach down to grab the penis. The hand that reaches down to grab the penis pulls the attached shoulder down with it, which gives the masturbation changed human body it”s characteristic high/low shoulder look.

As it should be according to the above paragraph, one of the hands looks much lower than the other hand. Mr Smith”s left hand is much lower than the right hand.


Because the left hand is lower, the left hand should be the masturbating hand if the claims of Happeh Theory are correct. The following quote from Mr Smith”s written statements confirms that he masturbates with his left hand.

“I believe it was middle school that I noticed a curve to the left of my penis and I thought that the way to fix it would be to use the other hand. I trained my left hand to do it”

The difference in hand height and shoulder height are the main visual indicators that justify the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation will cripple one of the arms. The shorter arm will almost always become weak and difficult to use compared to the abilities of the longer arm.

There are a number of ways to explain why the short arm will become weak and hard to manipulate. The Return Spring View of the Human Body, The Spiral View of the Human body, or The Yin Yang View of the Human Body could all be used to explain why the short arm will become crippled.

The most intuitive would probably be The Return Spring View of the Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory. This picture shows what a return spring looks like.


According to the The Return Spring View of the Human Body, the arms of the human body behave as if they are connected by a return spring as shown in this picture.


Each end of the spring travels down each arm to the hand, while the coils of the spring travel across the chest. The ends of the return spring are the same length so the forces that act on the arms will act the same way. ( The forces being referred to are the forces defined by the science of Physics. )

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation makes one of the arms shorten by pulling the return spring out of the arm and back into the body. Since Mr Smith”s right arm is the short arm, the part of the return spring extending into the right arm would pull back up towards the body as shown in the next picture.


The next picture shows the return spring with the short right end superimposed on Mr Smith”s arms.


An individual does not have to know anything about mathematics or physics, or know anything about how to calculate how the forces on a spring operating the arm as shown would behave, to know that the spring shown in the picture will move the right arm differently than the left arm. It is intuitive that the right arm is going to move differently than the left arm because there is only a small stub of the spring sticking into the right arm.

The left side of Mr Smith”s waist is lower than the right side of his waist.


Mr Smith”s left leg is extended straight down to the ground while the right leg is bent and looks like it is hanging from the waist.


The hanging leg is the crippled leg that Happeh Theory claims masturbation will cause. The reason the hanging leg will be weak and hard to manipulate can be explained by the same Return Spring View of the Human Body used to explain the crippled arms.

According to The Return Spring View of the Human Body, the legs also behave as if they are connected by a return spring as shown in the next picture.


Masturbation will shorten one or the other of the ends of the leg return spring. In Mr Smith”s case his right leg is hanging which would indicate the right end of the leg return spring has shortened.


The next picture shows the shortened leg return spring superimposed on Mr Smith”s legs.