The Straight Pointing Penis 05

Here is the example straight pointing penis for this blog entry.


This example penis is well formed and mostly normal. There is a shape deformation to the upper left side of the penis as highlighted below.


The upper left side of the penis has rounded off slightly compared to the other side of the penis. The change to the left side of this penis is almost certainly masturbation caused. This individual most likely masturbates with their right hand. The pressure of their fingers on the left side of the penis has contributed to the shape change to the upper left side of the penis.

The shape change to the upper left side of the penis is also partially due to what Happeh Theory calls “Pencil Dick”. Because of the way the human body reacts to the act of masturbation, one half of the penis will tend to shrink. The left half of this man’s penis is smaller, so he would be described as beginning to develop a case of Pencil Dick on the left side of his penis.

The case could be made that this penis belongs in the section of this site for right penis curvature examples, because of the rounding off of the left side of the penis to the right, and because this penis does point slightly to the right as demonstrated below.


Although the left side of this penis is rounded to the right, and this penis does point slightly to the right, the major impression provided by this example penis is of a mostly well formed penis extending straight out from the pubic bone.

Theoretical section

( This theoretical section is repeated for every example penis. If you have read this theoretical section in another example, you can skip over this repetition of the theory and go straight to the observations about the example penis on this page. )

Why does the penis in this example look like this? Is it genetics? Was this man born with a penis that is mostly straight?

According to Happeh Theory, an explanation for the direction the penis points can be provided by The Double Cylinder View of the Human body. According to the Double Cylinder View of the Human body, the human body can be treated as two cylinders located as shown in the picture below.


For this explanation, it is necessary to use an overhead view of The Double Cylinder View of the human body, as shown below.


The picture above shows the two cylinders of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body side by side. There is a red rectangle sticking straight out from the center of the two cylinders. The rectangle is meant to represent the penis.

According to Happeh Theory, the direction of the penis is determined by the condition of the double cylinders. When each cylinder is in it’s normal and proper orientation that it is designed to be in, the penis should stick straight out from the body like the rectangle in the picture above.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will cause one or both of the cylinders in the picture above to rotate. Because the direction of the penis is dependent on the orientation of each cylinder, if the orientation of one or both of the cylinders changes, the orientation or direction that the penis points must also change.

There are six possible rotations of the two cylinders. Both cylinders can rotate to the right or both cylinders can rotate to the left as shown below.


The right cylinder can rotate to the right or the left, while the left cylinder remains stationary.


And the left cylinder can rotate right and left, while the right cylinder remains stationary.



Here is the picture of the example penis again.


Since this penis is mostly straight, that would mean that the double cylinders were both in their proper location, and had not rotated at all.


As mentioned above, this penis does exhibit a rounding to the right of the upper left side. This type of rounding to the shape of the penis combined with the mostly straight look of the penis, would be indicative of a relatively infrequent kind of masturbation over some relatively long portion of the individuals life.

There are two other observations that can be made about this example penis, that support the claim the rounding of the penis is due to masturbation and not some other cause.

There is a discoloration of the penis at approximately the middle of the left side, as indicated below.


The location and shape of the discoloration are consistent with long term bruising of the penis due to masturbation. During masturbation, the fingers will press on the area of the penis that is enclosed by the red line. Over time, the penis will begin to exhibit a permanent bruise or discoloration in that area of the penis.

The other observation about this penis that supports the claim the changes to this penis are masturbation caused, is the look of the testicles.


Masturbation and sexual excitation will usually make one testicle protrude outwards while the other one looks noticeably smaller. Over long periods of time, such as years of masturbation or sexual excitation pressure, the testicles will begin to always look like one is protruding while the other looks noticeably smaller.

The individual’s left testicle appears to be protruding outward, while the right testicle is hidden by the right hand, supporting the claim that the changes to the left side of his penis are caused by masturbation.