Nov 272013

Here is the example Straight Pointing Penis for this blog entry.


This example penis is an almost perfect example of a particular type of normal, as designed penis. There might be an extremely minute amount of deformation in the areas indicated below.


The areas indicated as showing possible deformation, might look completely normal with a different angle photo.

This example penis does angle off to the right as indicated below.


Because of the almost perfect appearance of this example penis, it is most likely that the angle of the penis is due to pressure exerted by the hand in the picture, and not because of a masturbation caused change to the penis.

Another observation that corroborates the claim that this is a straight penis that the hand is pushing sideways, is the appearance of the rest of the body. The rest of the body has a youthful appearance. All other things being equal, the penis of a youthful person will always be closer to it’s proper design than the penis of an older person, because the youthful person has masturbated for a shorter period of time than the older person.

Theoretical section

( This theoretical section is repeated for every example penis. If you have read this theoretical section in another example, you can skip over this repetition of the theory and go straight to the observations about the example penis on this page. )

Why does the penis in this example look like this? Is it genetics? Was this man born with a penis that is mostly straight?

According to Happeh Theory, an explanation for the direction the penis points can be provided by The Double Cylinder View of the Human body. According to the Double Cylinder View of the Human body, the human body can be treated as two cylinders located as shown in the picture below.


For this explanation, it is necessary to use an overhead view of The Double Cylinder View of the human body, as shown below.


The picture above shows the two cylinders of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body side by side. There is a red rectangle sticking straight out from the center of the two cylinders. The rectangle is meant to represent the penis.

According to Happeh Theory, the direction of the penis is determined by the condition of the double cylinders. When each cylinder is in it’s normal and proper orientation that it is designed to be in, the penis should stick straight out from the body like the rectangle in the picture above.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will cause one or both of the cylinders in the picture above to rotate. Because the direction of the penis is dependent on the orientation of each cylinder, if the orientation of one or both of the cylinders changes, the orientation or direction that the penis points must also change.

There are six possible rotations of the two cylinders. Both cylinders can rotate to the same direction as shown below.


The right cylinder can rotate to the right or the left, while the left cylinder remains stationary.


And the left cylinder can rotate right and left, while the right cylinder remains stationary.



Here is the picture of the example penis again.


Since this penis is mostly straight, that would mean that the double cylinders were both in their proper location, and had not rotated at all.


As mentioned above, this penis is an almost perfect example of a particular type of penis, in spite of the slight angling off to the left of the penis, and the possible slight changes to the upper right side of the penis.

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