The Twirling Penis – Ancient Video

This is an ancient video with primitive production values. So ancient and primitive that the message may be less than clear. The video addresses the claim “sex is the natural stimulation for the mental and physical growth of the human body”.

This video is locally stored and must be downloaded to view.

The video contains graphic sexual depictions. If that will offend you then you should not watch the video.

A webpage duplicate of the video is included for those who prefer to read and for more leisurely study. This video is mostly made up of video sequences though, so there is very little to look at in the webpage duplicate other than titling.



We know that sex is for pleasure


and for procreation.


Sex is also the primary natural process that causing a person to evolve and grow.


The following video clip is from a children’s cartoon. It shows one character rotating an umbrella while the other character throws balls on top of it.

The next video clip shows a computer model simulating masturbation. While watching the clip, mentally compare the masturbating motion of the computer model to the motion of the hands of the character holding the umbrella in the children’s cartoon video clip.

The motion of the hands in both videos is similar

Sexual activity stimulates the same type of twirling motion in the penis as was demonstrated by the umbrella. For reasons that will not be discussed, the penis behaves as if it is two rotating cylinders.


The following video clip shows the hand masturbating a penis composed of two rotating cylinders.

That twirling motion flows throughout the entire body and stimulates it’s growth.