Tilted Head Analysis 02

Here is the example for this blog entry.


The changes to this person’s face are most likely caused by masturbation with the right hand.

This man’s head is obviously hanging off to his right side. This is because the rear part of his head on the right side has shrunk because of masturbation. There are two ways to visualize the changes to the right side of the head. Either the part of the head that holds the head erect has become weak, or the part of the head that pulls the head downwards has become too strong.

Head Hanging is the most obvious change this man’s head displays. His head also displays the other common symptoms of masturbation.

Here is a comparison picture of this man and the first example of Head Tilting.


Both men look similar.

Because the man in this example is younger, the changes to his body have not shown themselves in a dramatic way like the body of the older man. Although his face does show signs of shrinkage, the healthiness of his youth obscures the change.

If you were to carefully examine his face, you will notice that the right eye is darker than the left eye.


The mouth slants from low on the right to high on the left. This is partly due to the tilt of the head. The mouth will still show a slight slant even if the man’s head was erect.


One of the clues that tell’s us that the man’s mouth will be slanted is the cheek. There is a large obvious ledge between the left side of the man’s mouth and his cheek. This ledge is caused by the left side of the head pulling more on the face than the right side of the head.


This picture highlights the difference in appearance between the right and left areas between the mouth and cheek.


From what we can see, the right shoulder looks higher than the left shoulder.


The right side of the head looks shorter than the left side.


On a completely different note, did you know there are no coincidences? 

Look at the picture for a minute or two to see if you notice anything odd or interesting. Doesn’t the man’s head look like it is laying on the sign in the background?


One of the other changes in this man’s body is that his head is not aligned with his torso. The next picture shows both the line emphasizing the angle of the sign behind the man, and the centerline of his head.


The final thing of interest to note is the woman’s face in the background.


If the photo as a whole is examined, while the man in the foreground is the focus of the camera, the focus of the man seems to be on that woman’s face. Her face is right in between where his right shoulder is trying to rise up and meet his head and his head is leaning to the right to touch his right shoulder.


This type of relationship will be found in many situations. A man in the foreground will be the focus of the camera, and there will always be a woman holding a body pose related to the man’s posture, in the background of the photo.

According to Happeh Theory, the women in the background of these photos can be described as the female part of the man in the foreground. Or they can be described by saying that the woman is standing where ever the man’s energy is focused. The woman may or may not be conscious that she is reacting to the energy of the man.

This effect also happens between any other combination of human beings. Men with men, women with women, women with men, etc.


In the interests of being less mysterious and more scientifically informative, I would like to ask those of you that are interested in details to again consider the picture of the man’s head tilt.


If you are a scientifically minded person, then you understand the value of leading questions in stimulating the mind to think.

Is there some other type of movement that would produce the head tilt above? Something other than a pull to the right? Of course there is. What about a push from the left?


A push from the left does not seem right. What is pushing the head? It is reasonable to say the head is being pulled down to the right because the muscles of the neck could contract and pull downwards on the head.

There is another completely different type of movement that can account for the tilt of the man’s head to his right. What if the man’s head was rotating to his right instead of moving linearly to the right?


A rotation of his head to the right would also produce the tilt of his head to the right. Think about this and about how the body would have to be constructed for it to be able to produce a rotating motion like the one shown by the arrow above and you will have some idea of why masturbation changes the body.