Which Centurion Displays Typical Homosexual Body Characteristics?

The body of one of the men dressed as Centurions in this picture exhibits changes commonly associated with homosexuality.


The man whose body exhibits typical homosexuality associated changes is the man on the right side of the picture.


What is it about the man on the right side of the picture that clearly identifies him as homosexual?

The first observation the tells the knowledgeable observer that the man on the right side of the picture is a homosexual is that his entire body is slanted to his left,


instead of being vertical like the body of the man on the left.


The head of the man on the right is not aligned on his body,


instead of being aligned on his body like the head of the man on the left.


 The head of the man on the right is rotated to his left,


while the head of the man on the left does not have any noticeable rotation.


The rotation of the head of the man on the right makes it look like he is focusing one eye, his right eye, on the camera,


while the man on the left has both eyes focused on the camera.


The man on the right has a smirk or slight smile on his face,


while the man on the left has a more neutral expression on his face.


The right leg of the man on the right is lifted upwards into the air, 


which is one of the common characteristics of homosexual bodies.

The alert reader might immediately comment “but the other man has his left leg lifted upwards,


so how come he is being treated as non-homosexual, if the right lifted leg of the other man is an indication he is a homosexual?”.

Because the body of the homosexual man is slanted away from the lifted leg,


while the body of the man on the left is still vertically straight above his lifted left leg.


The homosexual man’s right chest is smaller,


than his left chest.


The exact appearance of the homosexual’s right arm to the rear of the body,


and the left arm to the front of the body,


are characteristic of homosexuality. The exact look of the arms is not just due to their natural swinging as the man walks.

 And finally the man being treated as a homosexual has a tall and narrow head,


while the man being treated as non-homosexual has a round and fat head.


All of the changes noted in the body of the homosexual man are due to tightening and contraction of the right side of his body. While that tightening and contraction occurs all over the body, it is mainly focused in the upper right torso area.


The changes to the body of the homosexual also affect his energy body. Since the energy body is invisible, only it’s effects on the physical body can be seen. 

All of the previously listed physical changes observed in the body of the homosexual indicate his energy body has split from his physical body. Instead of being aligned with the head of the physical body, the head of the homosexual’s energy body has moved over to his right.