Right Hand Masturbation Caused Body Changes – Example 03

Masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled. It does this by tightening and shrinking the body in a certain way that is determined by the deep level construction of the human body and which hand is used to masturbate.

That tightening and shrinking of the body changes the posture of the affected human being. The affected human being will not be able to stand up straight or sit up straight because their body is no longer straight. The masturbation caused tightening makes their body crooked in some way.

Right hand masturbation has made the body of the subject of this blog entry crooked to his right, as will be detailed next.

The look of the human body in the following picture is how the body of any human being who masturbates with their right hand will tend to look.


The changes that right handed masturbation have caused in the man’s posture are easy to see. His entire body leans to his right.


His head has rotated to his right.


The rotation of his head changes the alignment of the body, neck, and head. Instead of all being on the same line as they should be, the neck centerline must run diagonally from the body centerline in order to contact the head centerline.


The misalignment of the neck and head with the body will cause the man breathing, speaking, and eating problems because the throat is located within the neck. The throat also moves off center along with the rest of the neck.

The head is shrunken to the right of the curved line in the picture.


The head shrinkage makes his right eye look closed and dark,


while his left eye looks more normally open and the white of the eye can be seen.


There is a darkening of the forehead to the right of the curved line,


while the forehead looks much brighter to the left of the curved line.


If you look closely you can see that there is some kind of sore or mark on the right side of the mouth at the base of the curved line.


That sore is the result of the pressure differential between the right and left sides of the curved line. This man also most likely exhibits a slight case of what Happeh Theory calls “Cigar Mouth”, which is a widening of whichever side of the mouth is on the same side of the body as the masturbating hand. The widening of the mouth is caused by the movement of the working mouth opening over towards whatever side of the mouth is exhibiting the look of “Cigar Mouth”.

Right hand masturbation also caused the man’s head to jut forward. It is hard to make the arrow look as if it is highlighting the forward jutting head so please use observational skills to verify the man’s head is jutting out in front of his body.


There is a gap between the right side of the man’s body and his right arm.


That gap is caused by his body leaning to his right,


which changes the angle of his right arm,


in a way that pushes his right elbow out away from his body.


There is also a shrinkage of the side of the torso in the area almost exactly opposite the elbow that contributes to the width of the gap between the right arm and the right side of the body.


The actual gap in the torso cannot be seen of course because the man is clothed.

And finally, the right hand masturbation caused leaning of the man’s body to his right makes his right shoulder look lower than his left shoulder,


and gives both shoulders an overall slanted down to the right look.


All of the previously noted changes to the man’s body are the common changes that right hand masturbation will make in any human body after some indeterminate time that is dependent on the amount and frequency of masturbation.