The Left Pointing Penis 15

Here is the example Left Pointing Penis for this blog entry.


If the example penis was straight it would follow the centerline of the pubic bone shown in this picture. 
Instead, only a very short section of the base of the penis is straight, 
while the entire remainder of the penis hangs off to the left. 

This picture compares the example penis from the first blog entry in this series to the current example penis.


The example penis for the first blog entry in this series is straight for almost half of it’s length compared to the very short lower section of the current penis that is straight.


And the upper part of the penis from the first blog entry in this series severely and abruptly curves to the left compared to the relatively mild and gradual leftwards curve of the upper part of the current example penis.


Theoretical section

( This theoretical section is repeated for every example penis. If you have read this theoretical section in another example, you can skip over this repetition of the theory and go straight to the observations about the example penis on this page. )

Why does the penis in this example look like this? Is it genetics? Was this man born with a penis that is mostly straight?

According to Happeh Theory, an explanation for the direction the penis points can be provided by The Double Cylinder View of the Human body. According to the Double Cylinder View of the Human body, the human body can be treated as two cylinders located as shown in the picture below.


For this explanation, it is necessary to use an overhead view of The Double Cylinder View of the human body, as shown below.


 The picture above shows the two cylinders of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body side by side. There is a red rectangle sticking straight out from the center of the two cylinders. The rectangle is meant to represent the penis.

According to Happeh Theory, the direction of the penis is determined by the condition of the double cylinders. When each cylinder is in it’s normal and proper orientation that it is designed to be in, the penis should stick straight out from the body like the rectangle in the picture above.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will cause one or both of the cylinders in the picture above to rotate. Because the direction of the penis is dependent on the orientation of each cylinder, if the orientation of one or both of the cylinders changes, the orientation or direction that the penis points must also change.

There are six possible rotations of the two cylinders. Both cylinders can rotate the same direction as shown below.


 The right cylinder can rotate to the right or the left, while the left cylinder remains stationary.


 And the left cylinder can rotate right and left, while the right cylinder remains stationary.



Here is the picture of the example penis again.


The penis in the picture above points to the left. In the previous examples of the possible rotations of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body, both cylinders turning left causes the penis to point to the left, the left cylinder turning right makes the penis point to the left, and the right cylinder turning right makes the penis point to the left.

The picture below compares the example penis to the three possible rotations of the two cylinders listed above.


What the picture above is saying, is that the example penis is pointing to the left because the two cylinders within the body have rotated in one of the ways shown above. A full body picture of the body this particular penis is attached to, is usually required to determine which of the cylinder rotations above is the one that forced the penis to point to the left.

This particular picture does not offer much in the way of evidence as to which cylinder of the body has changed because it is just a picture of the penis.

The penis with the hand holding the remote next to it give the impression the body is slanting back to the right.


The penis is rotated to the left.


It would be natural to wonder if the leftward rotation of the penis contributes to the curvature of the penis to the left, or if curvature of the penis to the left contributes to the leftward rotation of the penis. 

Actually neither one contributes to the other. Both the leftward rotation and the curvature to the left of the penis are the result of the internal changes that masturbation causes to the body.

A simple way to visualize how the internal part of the body changes the penis from straight to left pointing involves treating the penis as if it is held in position by two supports that extend out from the body on each side of the penis, as demonstrated in this picture showing the supports on either side of a straight penis.


Masturbation makes the supports shrink back into the body.

Keeping that visualization of how a penis is supported in mind, the current example penis curves and rotates to the left because masturbation shrank the left penis support as demonstrated in the next picture.


Another clue as to which cylinder of this example body has been changed by masturbation, is the fact that there is more of the right side of the penis visible than the left side.


In the next picture two lines highlight the slant of the lower and upper parts of the penis.


The line at the base of the penis emphasizes the slant of the base of the penis from high on the left to low on the right. The line behind the head of the penis emphasizes how the upper part of the penis slants from high on the right to low on the left.

The interested reader would want to wonder why the upper and lower part of the penis are slanted as indicated by the two lines. What could happen to the penis that would cause it to deform that way? Would the cause be changes to the local area of the penis? Or would the cause be changes to some other area of the body?

All of the changes to these example penises are being described in terms of some change to one of the cylinders of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body. The exact changes to the cylinders can be almost as complex to describe as the changes to the actual human body.

There are two large scale simple ways that the left cylinder of this example body could have changed in order to make the penis slant in the way indicated by the lines.


A simple reduction of the entire diameter of the left cylinder of the body is one way to make the penis slant the way it has. A normal penis and the two cylinders would look something like this.


The straight horizontal lines above and below the cylinders in the next picture highlight how the base and the tip of the penis would be level when both cylinders are the same diameter.


The next picture shows the entire left cylinder smaller in diameter after the entire left cylinder underwent a simple diameter size change.


The boundary lines from the large right cylinder to the smaller uniformly reduced diameter left cylinder now slant the same way the base and top of the penis slant.


The other simple change that could be made to the left cylinder to make the penis slant as it has, is if the left cylinder was moved to the left as demonstrated next.


Although the cylinders are still the same diameter and their upper and lower boundaries are still level,


the distance between them would exert a pulling on the penis that would make it slant the way that it has because the penis is a soft and deformable object.