Jan 292014

“Egyptian Eye” is the name given to a bodily change that results in the affected individual moving their body as if they only have one eye. What may seem odd to people just learning about Egyptian Eye is that an affected individual who gets an eye test might get very good or perfect scores for visual acuity. Nevertheless, in real life these people behave as if they have only one working eye. The following picture might help the reader understand the point that is being made.


The left eye of the man is blocked by a computer viewing device.


This man’s body could be described as being currently blind in the left eye because his left eye is blocked by the computer viewing device. What is relevant about the picture is that the man’s bodily reactions to being temporarily blind in his left eye make him look similar to famous drawings from ancient Egypt that depict one eyed people,


and they make him look like people that actually have Egyptian Eye.


The man has rotated his head to his right for no apparent reason,


like the head of the one eyed Egyptian is rotated,


He has also rotated his upper body to his right.


There is absolutely no reason at all for the man to rotate his head or upper body to the right to operate the computer. The man could be standing square to the camera and still operate the device. The man is rotating his head and body because the temporary blindness of his left eye has affected his perception of himself. A fact which bolsters the claim that people with Egyptian Eye are blind in one eye, since people with Egyptian Eye rotate their head in the same way this temporarily blind man has rotated his head. 


Another symptom that frequently accompanies Egyptian Eye, though it is not seen in the ancient Egyptian drawings, are lips that pull back to reveal a lot of the teeth.


There is no reason for the man to be baring his teeth. He could still operate the computer with his mouth closed. His teeth are bared because his perception of his body has changed due to the temporary blindness in his left eye.  The man is probably not even aware he is baring his teeth. That is just some physical reaction taking place that does not enter his awareness as he focuses on the computer.

Another change that could be viewed as the root cause of all of the other changes in this man’s body and the bodies of people who actually have Egyptian Eye is the pushing of his head to his left.


From a certain perspective the pushing to the left of the head can be viewed as being responsible for all of the other bodily changes. This picture colors the left side of the head red to highlight it’s role as being responsible for the other bodily changes and an arrow to highlight it’s leftwards movement.


That pulling to the left of the left side of the head pulls the lips open to reveal the teeth,


forcing the head to rotate to accomodate the leftwards movement of the head,


forcing the body to rotate to accomodate the leftwards movement of the head,


and blinding the left eye by pulling it tight and shrinking it internally.



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