Right Hand Masturbation Caused Body Changes – Example 06

The entire pose the man is holding is the result of Right Hand Masturbation.


His right arm looks shorter,


then his left arm does.


The right shoulder is slightly lower,


than the left shoulder,


which gives both shoulders a slanted look.


His right eye is more prominent,


than his left eye.


The right eye looks more prominent because a large circular area around his has tightened up and shrunken.


That characteristic look of the eye caused by masturbation has been called “Big Eye Syndrome” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. That same condition is also referred to as “Egyptian Eye”, because the large prominent eye of the affected individual makes them resemble drawings from ancient Egypt that show human beings with only one eye.


All of the upper body changes are the result of masturbation caused shrinkage of the area of the right side of the body enclosed within the circle in this picture.


The lower body shrinkage is majority caused by shrinkage of the lower right side of the body enclosed within the circle in this picture,


which is not coincidentally centered on the right waist area.


All of the changes listed to this particular example body are very common among homosexuals, because masturbation can cause the development of homosexual feelings, some large percentage of the homosexual community is involved in Excessive Masturbation, and because the majority of any group of human beings are almost always right handed.

There are other activities that cause similar body changes though. Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Injection or Snorting of Drugs, Anorexia, Youth or Old Age, and Analytical Thought, can create some or all of the same pattern of body changes highlighted in the example individual.

Small differences in the appearance of affected individuals allow the experienced observer to determine which cause is likely to be responsible for the body changes to an individual under observation. Common sense usually works in most cases too, such as the example individual used for this post.

The example man does not look Anorexic, so Anorexia can be ruled out as a cause. He does not exhibit the signs of Injectable drug usage. Whether or not the example body has been changed by Snorting Of Drugs cannot be ascertained from the example picture. He does not seem bulky or strong so Excessive Exercise does not seem to be the likely cause of the changes to his body. He is not extremely young or extremely old, so Youth and Old Age can be ruled out. He does not have a studious or professorial look, so Analytical Thought is unlikely to be the cause in this case.

That common sense analysis means Excessive Sex, Excessive Masturbation, Homosexuality, are the only possible causes left, and the lifting upwards of the right arm,


points towards Masturbation or Homosexuality as the cause instead of Excessive Sex.