Right Hand Masturbation Caused Body Changes – Example 07

The human body in the example picture is posed in the exact way it is because that is how a human body reacts to Right Hand Masturbation.


Those changes include the hanging of the left arm to the rear of the body,


the hanging back of the left side of the body from the more forwards right side of the body,


the tilting back of the entire body,


the right arm positioned to the front of the body,


the left shoulder rising higher than the right shoulder,


the slanting of both shoulders down to the right,


the rotation of the head to the left,


and the rotation of the eyes to the right to compensate for the rotation of the head to the left.


All of those changes except for the eye movement point to the main overall change to the human body from Right Hand Masturbation being an up and to the rear rotation of the entire body.


Another way to visualize the overall change made by Right Hand Masturbation is that it shrinks the right side of the body while the left side expands to compensate,


which gives the body a trapezoidal shape like the one shown in this picture.