Cyclopean Eye Analysis 07

The individual in the example picture for this blog entry has a condition known as “Cyclopean Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature,


 that was named after a legendary creature called a “Cyclops” that has only one eye.


Cyclopean Eye is the result of shrinkage of the opposite side of the body that was caused by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Anorexia, and other activities listed elsewhere on this website.

The fact the woman’s left eye cannot be seen because of the hair covering it,


means her visible right eye must be the “Cyclopean Eye. 


The shrinkage of the head associated with Big Eye Syndrome will impair the vision in the affected eye by some amount. Because the eye already has impaired vision, it does not bother the woman to completely cover it with her hair. She is not looking out of that eye, so what does it matter if it is covered by hair or anything else?

Another sign of Big Eye Syndrome and the head shrinkage associated with it, is the flattened left side of the head, the same side of the head as the eye with Big Eye syndrome. The left side of the head almost looks like someone took a flat piece of wood and pressed it against the left side of the head until the left side of the head was as flat as the piece of wood was.


Big Eye Syndrome is almost always accompanied by a pair of slanted shoulders because the shrinkage that affects the head also affects the body. The example individual’s shoulders have a slanted look to them as expected,


because the right shoulder is higher than the left shoulder.


The woman’s left arm, the arm on the same side of the body as the let Big Eye, is visibly smaller than her right arm.


The woman’s entire body leans to her left because the bodily shrinkage that caused her left Big Eye has shrunken the entire left side of her body so much that it cannot hold her completely erect.


The woman’s body is also leaning forward in a way that makes it appear the center of her body is moving up to her left, which is the same side of the body as the left Big Eye.


According to Happeh Theory, human beings have what is commonly called “Energy”. This energy is supposed to flow around the body in predictable ways in a human body that mostly adheres to it’s design specifications. In a human body that is different from it’s design specifications, the energy of the body will flow in places that it should not flow. That incorrect energy flow can be seen visually because it will change the physical body.

The body of the example individual does not adhere to the design specifications for a human body. All of the previously listed bodily changes will alter the natural flow of energy within the woman’s body. One way to visualize how the flow of energy in her body has been altered, is to visualize two ropes in the locations shown in the next picture


being pulled to the left side of the body as indicated by the arrows in the next picture.


If the upper rope is pulled to the upper left while the lower rope is simultaneously pulled to the lower left, the woman’s body would undergo the physical changes that it currently exhibits, and her energy would move in the direction indicated by the arrows in this picture.