Oct 262013

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other changes to the human body.

The purpose of this blog is to prove those assertions by presenting case studies of human bodies that have been changed by masturbation. The case studies will be based on material voluntarily provided by helpful individuals.

Each case study will be presented in a specific format. 

(1) – Raw data of the example individual’s masturbation habits and other relevant data

Raw data is important to the learning process. Instead of the reader being guided to think certain thoughts as they are if some commentary is included with the raw data, the reader has the opportunity to form their own impression of the example individual and his masturbation habits.

Raw data is also important for verification of any claims or statements made by the creator of this material. Any reader who is confused by commentary made by the author of this material, or who perhaps even disagrees with commentary made by the author, can read over the raw data for themselves to see if it supports or opposes their feelings.

(2) – Raw visual data consisting of photos of the example individuals masturbation changed body

The raw visual data of the example individual’s body is provided for many of the same reasons the raw descriptive data is provided.

Interested individual’s who are testing how much of Happeh Theory they have learned can go through the raw data photos and comment on each one. Then the individual would compare their own conclusions to the commentary on the photos provided by the creator of this material to see if they agree or disagree.

The raw data pictures could be used for verification of the statements of the creator of this material about the example individual. The raw data pictures will include all pictures of the example individual’s body provided by the individual.

The section providing commentary on the pictures of the masturbation changed individual may only use a small selection of the complete set of pictures. An individual who had questions that are not answered in the section with commentary on the pictures, might find an answer among the raw data pictures.

(3) – Analysis and Commentary on the raw data.

The analysis and commentary section will point out the various changes masturbation has made in the example individual’s body. Those changes will be linked to the statements the example individual made about their masturbation habits, or about their life in general.